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After avenging her mother’s death, a farmer hangs up her pistols and returns to the family home to care for her ailing father, but her desire to live a peaceful life is thwarted when the people she cares about are killed by the ring-leader of a gang of miscreants and the gunslinging past she hoped to put behind her once again becomes her reality.


Cynthia Crofoot


I read "The Gunslinger" when I was quite a bit younger than I am now and Roland Deschain quickly became my first book crush.

That book inspired me to write my own short novel, which I never finished. I did kept the opening two pages, simply because I loved the world I had created and the character who lived in it.  Those two pages formed the basis for SHE.  

It's a western, the year is 1901 and it takes place in the fictional town of Gaberdeen, Oklahoma. It tells a story of love, sacrifice and revenge.

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