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On the worst night of her life, a woman tries to save herself.

…Crofoot’s unaffected performance seizing attention immediately”

Indie Shorts Mag Team

"...Obdurate’s story, its title, and the reality it depicts makes for an unusually accurate portrayal, having all its elements in harmony. The questions it asks are deceptively simple, as it clearly knows how difficult—and crucial—the answer can be."

Indie Shorts Mag Team

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"Deft direction by Canadian Screen Academy Award-winning Jim Morrison IV, a gut-wrenching performance from Crofoot and a twist ending – use domestic violence as a backdrop to examine life choices and consequences."

Global Shorts Competition


Cynthia Crofoot

Writer / Exec. Producer / "Donna"

Obdurate came about through a text conversation with my director friend Jim (he seems to be the inspiration for a number of my films). We had been texting about some technological crisis I was having (I'm not very tech-savvy) and I joked with him "you're my text support" ('cause we were texting, see?). He said, that'd make a great title for a movie. I agreed and started to think about what that movie would look like. What would it be about? After many iterations, Obdurate was born. It is the first screenplay I have written, produced and starred in and it is very dear to my heart. I am extremely grateful for the professional excellence of the crew and additional cast that helped make this - my first film - a reality. The film is doing very well in the festival circuit and has won several awards. Click the link above to read a really great review by Indie Shorts Mag.

Jim Morrison IV

Jim Morrison IV


A Halifax N.S. born, LA-based international award winning director.  Jim has had a successful career as a photographer shooting for Canadian national news magazine and Maclean’s, all by the age of 20. He continued with photography, shooting fashion and music internationally until he started directing three years later.  Jim became one of the most sought after music video directors in Canada and was a founding partner of Maverick Films, a Toronto-based commercial and music video production house. Jim transitioned into film and television and has directed and produced commercials, documentaries and over 200 episodes of television in over 50 countries. Jim has been nominated 7 times with 3 wins at the prestigious Canadian Screen Awards making him one of the highest decorated directors in Canada. His love of oral traditions and photography, has made him a perfect fit to be behind the camera as a passionate visual storyteller.

Website: Jim Morrison IV

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Bar Kirshon Pic.jpg

Bar Kirshon


Born and raised in Israel, Bar decided to pursue her long-time dream and moved to Canada to become a filmmaker. After graduating with honors from Toronto Film School, she presented her first short film, "Fucking Love Story" in festivals around the world, including Aphrodite Film Festival in NY, Prisma in Rome, Director's Circle Festival, and more. Today Bar works on both the creative and logistic sides of the film industry, usually as either Producer or 1st AD, while directing her short films on the side.

Andrew 61.jpg

Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson is a highly diverse actor who has worked extensively in television, film, theatre and animation. His film and television credits include leading and guest starring roles on SEA WOLF, MERLINS APPRENTICE, JUNCTION, CRIMINAL MINDS (pilot), CHARMED, DEADLY BETRAYAL, SEED, ALL I WANT, SCARED SLIENT, THE LAST DON II, FAMILY OF COPS II, MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, ARLI$$, THE HIGHLANDER, KING, BREAKOUT KINGS, WAREHOUSE 13, LOST GIRL and SMALLVILLE, just to name a few. His many recurring roles include WIND AT MY BACK, THE COLLECTOR, KYLE XY, BEING ERICA and EARTH FINAL CONFLICT. Mr. Jackson was a series regular on, ALL MY CHILDREN. Andrew was nominated for an ACTRA AWARD for his work on NUMBCHUCKS and was awarded BEST ACTOR (CABBAGETOWN SHORT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL Toronto) for his performance as the, FATHER in MY FATHER IS AN ACTOR. Andrew appeared as LOVE SAUSAGE in season 2 of THE BOYS.

IMDb Page: Andrew Jackson

Diane L. Johnstone - Business Look.jpg

Diane Johnstone

"Officer Dugan"

Diane L. Johnstone, was born and raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and migrated to Toronto, nearly 20 years ago. She has since obtained dual-citizenship. Diane has written and performed 4 one-woman shows. The most recent, “Desperate Church Wives” garnered a Canadian Comedy Award nomination, for Best One Person Show. DCW is loosely based on the story of Prophet Hosea and his prostitute wife, Gomer, while weaving in some of Diane’s life experiences. Diane has lived a life of partying, sexin’ & druggin’, as well as prayin’, praisin’, and prayin’ some more! She has produced a series teaser and is currently shopping it around. Diane is not only a full-time actress, a member of ACTRA and CAEA, but she's also an Ordained Minister, with a Bachelor of Theology degree.

She has guest-starred on CBC's "Diggstown", appeared on the Emmy winning limited series "Mrs. America", in a fiery scene with 3 time Emmy nominee, Niecy Nash, and Emmy award-winning series "Handmaid's Tale" warning Elisabeth Moss' character of her fate, has a recurring role on Hulu's "Utopia Falls" and much more. Diane also has been featured on The Morning Show, 100 Huntley Street and See, Hear, Love. She does a bit of stand-up, using her cleaver style to spread the gospel, while making people laugh. Her ultimate goal is to produce TV series.

IMDb Page: Diane Johnstone


Production Designer: Eunice Tsz Ching Hung

Edited By: Steven Lindsay

Music By: Jamie Ruben

Frist Assistant Director: Tatiana Mattos

Consulting Producer: Bruno S. Lyra

Police Officer: Ken Quinn

Device Voice: Olivia Hultgren

Stunt Co-ordinators: Ken Quinn

                                   David Karnes

Stunt Safety: Dee Dryden

                       James Niessen

Script Supervisor / Continuity: Tamim Aoude

Art Director: Andrew Mooseong Kim

BTS Photography: Dylan McAuley-Vallier

First AC: Josh Henderson

Second AC: Victor Jackson On

Key Grip: Steven Bennett

Gaffer: Tim Sauder

Sound Mixer: Kalvin Mallari

DMT: Alexis Varvagiannis

Wardrobe Supervisor: Juli Angelic

Make Up, FX and Hair: Angela Barbosa

PAs: Max Whitworth

         Tamoya Thomas

         Alexandrine Hardum-Hotton

Supervising Sound Editor: George Flores

Dialogue Editor: Aravind Sundar

DCP provided by LightVAULT

"This film was produced with the generous support of ACTRA Toronto"

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