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In a dystopian future where Corporate hiring practices are policed by an elite division of the military, a General must determine if her ideal candidate is fit for the position or must pay the price for non-compliance.


A socially relevant film…The wordings are well-chosen (and)…in Crofoot’s measured writing, the screenplay offers more than enough hints for the audience to guess the deeper meaning behind their conversations…"

"What works in favour of Compliant is its truncated timeline and sharp, witty dialogues…For those whose preferred genres include comedy, thrillers and futuristic dramas, this one is right up their alley…”


"Crofoot has enough imagination and skill to expand this into a feature-length, if not, this still offers a pretty good yardstick for her talent."

“General Wolcott and Colonel Anand, share an unusual chemistry. To begin with, both actors share an amazing control over their voices. The modulations, in fact, make their characters’ mighty presence even more felt.”

Indie Shorts Mag Team


Cynthia Crofoot

Writer / Exec. Producer / "General Carmine Wolcott"

This film came about when I was talking to my director friend Jim. We were discussing something that I'm sure was very important, when our discussion somehow turned to corporate hiring practices and how it's not always the most competent or most qualified person that gets the job. There are a host of other factors that may play into the decision. I started to think about that and took it to its extreme. What if a military agency policed hiring practices? What would happen if you didn't follow the rules? From there, "Compliant" was born. It's a black-comedy set in a dystopian future where things have gone a bit sideways. I am very proud of it. I had a first rate team of people who helped to make this film a reality, and it was a pleasure to work with them all. As with my first short film "Obdurate", I took on a trifecta of roles - writer, Executive Producer and the lead female role of General Carmine Wolcott. 

Cast and Crew

Det. Sara Cordell - Siobhain Fram

Col. Ryka Anand - Gugun Deep Singh

Director - Monica Mustelier

Cinematographer / DOP - Steve Lindsay (Website: Steve Lindsay)

Producer / 1st AD - Murphy Diggon

Producer / Key MUA - Agnela Barbosa 

Cam Op - Dan MacAskill

1st AC Cam A - Avigal Levona

1st AC Cam B - Victor On

2nd AC/DMT - Sarah Goodfellow

Key Grip - Ashley Churchill

Gaffer - Gaelen Cook

Sound - Kalvin Mallari

Production Design - Graeme Black Robinson and Francesca Mendaglio

Production Assistant - Eric Sutton

BTS/Still Photography - Christella Morris

Editor - Steve Kelly

Post Sound Editing - George Flores

Score Composer - Jamie Reuben and Bret Higgins

Graphic Designer - Kristina Neuman

"This film was produced with the generous support of ACTRA Toronto"

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