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When her home planet, Erythrocyte, is attacked by the seemingly invincible Mondook aliens, Sgt. Mary Renu must make the ultimate sacrifice to save her species from extinction.


Cynthia Crofoot


I have been a fan of sci-fi for pretty much my entire life. Star Trek, the X-Files, these were required TV watching in my house. So when I was asked to write a screenplay in the genre, I was ecstatic. The basic premise of the story is love and sacrifice. Once those two themes were solidly in my mind, it was simply a matter of creating an interesting world within the Sci-Fi spectrum.

When we speak of sacrifice, it’s always hard, and most times it asks the hero to give up something they love for the greater good. The biggest sacrifice in my mind would be to have to give up a child. So that’s where I started. That led me to Christianity’s greatest sacrifice made in the name of love, God giving up his only son. A son born from immaculate conception and whose sole purpose was (seemingly) to save a species. Elikai and Mary evolved naturally from that.

The next challenge was to provide a twist. I think that purely linear stories are great, but if you can tell one story, and then change it with an “OMG” moment in the end – that’s so much better. Hopefully I achieved that in this story.

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