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Three criminals at the back-end of a heist try to determine what went wrong.


Cynthia Crofoot

Writer / Exec. Producer / "Toni"

I've always wanted to write a story where I was a criminal. One where I was the bad-ass who was on the wrong side of the law. So when Jim Morrison IV (director) and Steve Lindsay (DP) gave me the story idea for this film, I jumped at it. It was an honor to take their idea and turn it into a script. ONESHOT is the result of our combined efforts. It is the story of three criminals at the back-end of a heist gone terribly wrong.

Key Creatives

Director - Jim Morrison IV (Website: Jim Morrison IV)

Cinematographer / DOP - Steve Lindsay (Website: Steve Lindsay)

Exec. Producer / Key HMU - Angela Barbosa

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