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BRACEWATER - Postcard laurels reduced.jpg

A highly decorated small town detective is put on leave after her sister commits suicide, but when a close family friend disappears, she convinces her captain to reinstate her, unaware that the DA involved is withholding pertinent information about a murderous criminal they believe is responsible for the kidnapping.


Cynthia Crofoot

Writer / Lead Actor

The first screenplay I ever wrote was Bracewater. Sure, it's a feature length screenplay, and yeah, I'm sure you're "supposed" to start small with a short film, but what the hey. Go big or go home I say. And I must have done something right because Bracewater is an award winning screenplay having won as semi-finalist in the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay competition. The story came about through many (many) conversations with my director friend Jim (the muse for many of my screenplays) and the final product was the result of no fewer than 20 drafts. It is the story of secrets, lies, betrayal and sacrifice - fighting for family no matter the cost. Bracewater is currently in development as we seek funding to go into production. 

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