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A middle-aged homicide detective realizes she must expel the ghost of her beloved but overbearing aunt so she can have an independent life. The expulsion ritual goes horribly wrong, and not only is the Aunt still present, the homicide detective has become a ghost magnet for spirits seeking help before moving on to the afterlife.


Cynthia Crofoot

Writer / Producer / "Lia"

The struggle for independence by children and the sometimes over-protective nature of parents is an ages long battle. It is a rite of passage that children undergo as they move into adulthood and start to live their own lives. Sometimes the boundaries that children need to set are ignored, however, most parents can learn to let go and respect the new status quo, or at least they learn to fake it. :-)

What if, however, circumstances prohibited the "child" from moving on? What if the "parent" is not able to let go? And what if that struggle for independence was happening later in life? MUCH later in life? 

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