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A middle-aged homicide detective realizes she must expel the ghost of her beloved but overbearing aunt so she can have an independent life. The expulsion ritual goes horribly wrong, and not only is the Aunt still present, the homicide detective has become a ghost magnet for spirits seeking help before moving on to the afterlife.


Cynthia Crofoot

Writer / Producer / "Lia"

The struggle for independence by children and the sometimes over-protective nature of parents is an ages long battle. It is a rite of passage that children undergo as they move into adulthood and start to live their own lives. Sometimes the boundaries that children need to set are ignored, however, most parents can learn to let go and respect the new status quo, or at least they learn to fake it. :-)

What if, however, circumstances prohibited the "child" from moving on? What if the "parent" is not able to let go? And what if that struggle for independence was happening later in life? MUCH later in life? 


Cathleen MacDonald

Director / Producer

Cathleen MacDonald is a Canadian film and television director whose fiction and documentary features, shorts, and series have screened at festivals and have broadcast nationally and globally. She began her creative career as a painter and photographer, then studied graphic design and animation at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and film production at York University. During 1999 – 2001 Cathleen created, directed, and produced the 26-part series WORKING ANIMALS for Discovery Channel Canada, Animal Planet, and Canal D. The series was a collaboration with The Film Works and was distributed by CCI Entertainment to broadcasters worldwide. Building on that success, Cathleen was commissioned by Animal Planet Canada to direct and produce their first original feature, THE ANIMAL IQ TEST. She directed 9 episodes of the CBC series MOVING ON of which her episode THE COURAGE OF SHARON won a Columbus Film Festival Award and was included in CBC’s entry for a Gemini best documentary series nomination. In 2020 she directed DE-ESCALATE, a live-action and animated documentary, produced with support from the Ontario Arts Council. In 2021 Cathleen directed and produced the visually striking 10-part fantasy anthology and art exhibit, THE LOST MUSEUM. Cathleen looks in dark corners to illuminate compelling stories about the human condition and the natural world. Her work achieves critical and commercial success with visually stylish looks and stories grounded in what’s at stake for the characters. 


Steven Lindsay pic.jpg

Steve Lindsay

Cinematographer / DOP

Steven Lindsay is known for creating compelling imagery that brings a story to life. His career has taken him around the world and has spanned documentaries, television series, and advertising. For more than 25 years Steven's visual eye and vast technical experience have found the heart of human stories and his warmth and integrity bring an empathy, compassion and curiosity to the creative journey. Known as a strong collaborator, he loves being at the nexus where creative vision becomes creative reality.

Website: Steve Lindsay

Angie Pic.jpg

Angela Barbosa

HMU Department head

Angela is a graduate of the University of Toronto Drama program. She has always had a passion for all things creative. She began her career in front of the camera and on the stage as an actor and singer but quickly switched to more roles behind the scenes. She has been a stage manager/director in theatre on and off for the last 18 years and has some experience as assistant director for film. 

She always had a strong passion for make-up since experimenting on herself for the stage and camera. After more than 15 years of working in the beauty industry and getting experience with makeup for print and fashion shows, she decided to further her skills in the very field that introduced her to makeup, film and T.V.

Ten years later she’s still here and loving every second spent on set. In the future she hopes to further her skills in other fields of the industry. Some of her recent credits in film include Compliant, Disclosure (ImagiNative film festival), Enemies of the State (Official Tiff selection 2020),  BONECRUSHER (Boston Film Festival, Halifax Black Film Festival), Obdurate (Ladymakers Film Festival, Winner Best Shorts Competition) and I Wish You Love.

Diane L. Johnstone (Resized).jpg

Diane Johnstone

"Auntie Pearle"

Diane L. Johnstone was born and raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut. She migrated to Mississauga, nearly 20 years ago and has since made it her home. She is now a dual citizen. Diane is a graduate of the Barbizon School of Modeling and still loves fashion and playing dress up. She is always excited to go to a wardrobe fitting!

As an actor, Diane’s ability to easily pick up dialects and intonations has helped her to create a range of distinct characters. This ability combined with her love of comedy, led to the creation of four one-women shows, these, in turn, resulted in a Canadian Comedy Award nomination. Film and TV highlights include guest-starring on CBC's "Diggstown"; the Emmy-winning "Mrs. America"; “Handmaid's Tale"; ABC’s "Kingswood" by Oscar-winner John Ridley; and Netflix’s "Dreams in a Witch House" by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro.  

Her goal is to produce her own TV series. So, stay tuned! :-)

Vanessa pic.jpg

Vanessa Burns

"Madam Ripiki / Carol"

Vanessa Burns a professional actress who is proud to call Mississauga home. Vanessa has been working in film and television for over 20 years. Some of her work includes recurring roles in Designated Survivor and The Handmaid’s Tale. Later this year, you can catch Vanessa in a supporting role in the Lifetime movie, “Reindeer Games”.

When Vanessa isn’t acting, you can find her at her new photography studio in Port Credit, where she provides headshot photography for actors, business professionals and everything in between!

Website: Vanessa Burns Photography

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