Cynthia Crofoot

Writer/Exec. Producer/Lead Actor

I was asked to write a short script for either a garage or a forrest (the two locations we had available). Betrayed is the result. It's one character, two pages and three crew. Currently in pre-production, we are targeting a film date of early-March 2021. 


Jim Morrison IV


A Halifax N.S. born, LA-based international award winning director.  Jim has had a successful career as a photographer shooting for Canadian national news magazine and Maclean’s, all by the age of 20. He continued with photography, shooting fashion and music internationally until he started directing three years later.  Jim became one of the most sought after music video directors in Canada and was a founding partner of Maverick Films, a Toronto-based commercial and music video production house. Jim transitioned into film and television and has directed and produced commercials, documentaries and over 200 episodes of television in over 50 countries. Jim has been nominated 7 times with 3 wins at the prestigious Canadian Screen Awards making him one of the highest decorated directors in Canada. His love of oral traditions and photography, has made him a perfect fit to be behind the camera as a passionate visual storyteller.

Website: Jim Morrison IV

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