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Cynthia Crofoot

Actor, Writer, Producer


Cynthia Crofoot is a multi-award winning, produced screenplay writer and multi-award winning actor.

As a filmmaker, her short films have won numerous awards including three "Best Canadian Short Film" Awards for "Obdurate"; two "Best Canadian Short Film" Awards for "Compliant" and her short film "Promises" won three awards and was aired on the SUPERCHANNEL as part of their Halloween line up.

As a writer, her screenplays have won awards in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Her feature screenplay "Bracewater" has been a semi-finalist in several competitions and has won four awards. Her short Screenplay "Savior" has won three awards including Best Sci-Fi screenplay.

As an actor, she has been working steadily in film, television and theatre for more than 25 years, with lead and principle roles in over 60 productions. Her captivating and realistic performances have garnered her eight Best Actress and four Acting Excellence Awards.

"Made in the USA, but born in Toronto” she has dual Canadian and American Citizenship with Scottish, Irish, English and Slovak ancestry. Cynthia is a member of ACTRA and is SAG-Eligible.

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