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Cynthia Crofoot

Writer, Actor, Producer

Cynthia 8.jpg

Who is Cynthia Crofoot? Well let me tell you.... 

From a very young age it was apparent that I was born to tell stories. When I was young, I would write short screenplays, cast my friends and then perform them to a captive audience - my parents - who always applauded loudly. :-)


As I got older, my main focus was in the telling of stories as an actor - on stage and in film/TV. However, I began to notice that the roles I longed to play, were not in the scripts I read. I wanted scripts that portrayed strong female characters in historically male-dominated roles. Scripts where women were cops, FBI Agents, and military personnel - where their characters had robust story arcs and unique challenges to overcome in complex, nuanced worlds. 


To fulfill that need, I sat down and wrote my first screenplay. A female-driven cop thriller called “Bracewater” which went on to win several awards. I followed that success with my award-winning short script - a sci-fi called "Savior". 


I continued to build on these achievements by writing, producing and acting in three multi-award-winning short films – “Obdurate”, “Compliant” and “Promises”. The films themselves generated recognition in various articles and festivals as did my writing and performance.  

As an actor, I continue to audition regularly and have been awarded one of the leads in a theatre production of "The Sweet Delilah Swim Club" that will be shown in Burlington in the Spring of 2024.


As a writer, I am currently working on two spec scripts and to date have penned over 20 screenplays. Several of those are in the hands of producers, managers and directors from Los Angeles, Toronto and Mississauga. 

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